Old Speck – Maine 2015

Old Speck with my love <3

Old Speck with my love ❤

Type of Hike: Day

Matt’s Gear:

  • Base Layer: Mountain Hardware Wicking tee s/s, EMS convertible Pants,
  • Insulation: Patagonia Nano Puff Vest
  • Shell: Rab Scimitar Soft Shell
  • Accessories: MSR Snowshoes, EMS Gortex Gators, Sherpa Wool Hat, EMS fleece gloves
  • Pack: Osprey Stratos 36

Gear: Gabrielle

  • Base Layer: 2 Smartwool Long Sleeve T-shirt’s (layered), Fleece Lined Under Armour Leggings,
  • Insulation: Patagonia Nano Puff Vest
  • Shell: Patagonia Fleeced Lined Softshell
  • Accessories: North Face Denali Thermal Mittens, Alpaca Hat, MSR Snowshoes, EMS Gortex Gators, EMS Fleece Lined Neck Warmer.
  • Pack: Osprey Sirrus 36

Notes:  Our first spring hike of 2015 and we are off to Maine to climb Old Speck.  Feeling bold and over with winter we opted to use our hydration bladders and ditch the Nalgene bottles.  Maine still had quite a bit of snow… over four feet to be exact.  We strapped on the snowshoes and headed up the trail.

There is something magical about being in Maine.  Everything just seems to be greener no matter where we go and the air is so crisp.  It was a quick hike to the summit.  One of the highlights was walking past the Mahoosuc Trail sign which was half buried in the snow.  Confirming just how much feet of snow was still on the trail.

We lucked out with views lasting just until we reached the summit, before some giant  white clouds settled in. Gabrielle climbed the ice covered ladder to the top of the tower, returning safely to the ground as the wind began picking up. The hike to the summit took almost half the time we had anticipating, allowing us to drop packs and spend a portion of the afternoon relaxing on the summit.

There must have been a decent amount of hikers attempting to summit without snowshoes, as we had to sidestep hip deep postholes on our decent to the parking lot. 200 feet from the car Gabrielle tore the arch of her foot when her snowshoe got caught in a posthole. Despite my numerous offers to carry her to the car she insisted on hoping the rest of the way in order for the hike to “count on her summit list”, providing a entertaining end to our hike with both of us doubled over in laughter. I did, however, provide transportation from the car to the trailhead and back for our last picture of the day before heading back towards Boston. All in all it was a beautiful trip, with injuries quickly cured with a chocolate milkshake, bubblebath, and a little rest. Already missing Maine and looking forward to going back again in the Fall, when we know for sure all the bugs will be dead!

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