North & South Kinsman – White Mountains, NH 2012

North Hancock September 8, 2012

North Kinsman September 8, 2012

Done with grad school and thrilled to be back hiking, can’t believe it’s been almost a year!!! It’s amazing what finishing grad school and a couple rounds of phenomena can do to your backpacking plans 😉 The afternoon called for rain so we headed out before the sun came up and enjoyed a lovely quiet morning out on the trails. Stopping off briefly at a very busy Lonesome Lake Hut for a late breakfast.

South Kinsman September 8, 2012

South Kinsman September 8, 2012

The summits we buzzing with activity, everyone getting ready for the Flags On The 48. I would say this was one of our easiest hikes, with the majority of the hike being relatively flat. We took a little detour to view Kinsman Pound, later returning to Lonesome Lake for lunch. All in all it was a fun little hike, the plank walkways through the woods looked almost magical (although I would hate to hike over them in snow).

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