Cannon & Mt. Lafayette – White Mountains, NH 2010

Cannon November 26, 2010

Cannon November 26, 2010

We hit the trails early Friday as our post-Thanksgiving workout and lucked out with a mostly sunny day, despite a few periods of fog. MicroSpikes came in handy as our route closely resembled a stairclimber, overall it was a short hike. Spent the rest of the day exploring neighboring towns before heading into Lincoln, NH, where we had rented a mini cabin for the night. Later on we headed out to Gordi’s Fish & Steak House for some dinner, have to say I LOVED their desserts. Note* Summit is poorly marked and depending upon the season can be hard to find!

Mt. Lafayette November 27, 2010

Mt. Lafayette November 27, 2010

Woke up to a gorgeous day, full sun, and headed out for Mt. Lafayette. By the time we reached Greenleaf hut weather was starting to roll in, we summited in a whiteout with quite a bit of wind. Despite the weather we had a wonderful time, the slippery conditions did slow us down during the decent, but we managed just fine with trekking poles and MicroSpikes. Our number one priority upon returning to civilization was locating some pizza and ice cream 🙂

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